Neglectful Blogger.

Yes, I have been a neglectful blogger lately. I do apologize to those who were waiting with baited breath for my next entry…sarcasm of course! It has been a hectic couple of weeks. My husband has his pre-deployment leave last week and we went to Las Vegas for some grown up R&R. We had a fantastic time…spent too much money and got much too drunk! By the time the last day of our vacation rolled around we were begging to get on the flight back home.

Joe leaves soon. VERY soon. I am an emotional wreck. My kids are emotional wrecks. We found out a few weeks ago that his platoon was sending him to a week-long┬átraining course for a week. Of course they scheduled it for the week before he leaves for his 8 month-long deployment. So if we get technical, I have 4 more days with my husband. My oldest son Scott is so mad at me. Since Joe left for training a few days ago, he has been accusing me of “making daddy leave because I am so mean.” He thinks that his daddy doesn’t want to be his daddy anymore.

We are trying to be honest and open with the kids, letting them know that their dad is leaving for a while but he still loves them…all that song and dance. But my son Scott is so sensitive, he thinks he did something wrong. My heart breaks for him. As much as I tell him that Joe still loves him, it doesn’t make any difference to him. This is just something that our family is going to have to power through, and we will. We have gone through so much already, and I think it only makes us stronger.

So as you can see, I have been slightly preoccupied the past few weeks. Things will pick back up after we get this show on the road next week! Oh- and please forgive the serious, slightly whiney nature of this post. I feel strangely comfortable whining to complete strangers rather than my family. They don’t need any more whining ­čÖé


Pre Deployment Leave!

I have mentioned before that my husband is deploying soon to a particularly scary area of the world. For an “undetermined amount┬áof time.” This really gets to me. Normally, these sorts of deployments are the usual 6-7 months. They don’t often get extended. But with all of the crap going on in the Middle East, and due to the fact that my husband is part of a gung ho┬ámarine platoon, they have done away with nice things like time constraints. How hard is it to at least give us wives an estimate? I am guessing 8 months, but I wouldn’t put any money on it.

So normally, before a deployment, the military person is granted “pre-deployment leave”. Usually it’s 2 weeks. A nice little break with your family before you leave for undetermined amounts of time. Well, since my husbands deployment was moved up by 2 weeks, they have cut the pre deployment leave to 7 days. Are you kidding me? First he is gone for however long they want, they moved the deployment up by 2 weeks, and now I only get 7 uninterrupted days with him. Not cool. Not cool at all.

So I decided to grab the bull by the horns and TELL my husband that him and I would be having some grownup alone time before he leaves. We never had a honeymoon (see my strange wedding story blog) and I can’t get over this fatalistic attitude about this deployment. I would rather have spent an awesome few days with just him and me than have sat at home worrying about the upcoming separation. In my bull horn grabbing, I picked Las Vegas as our destination of choice. I had been before, but I was 15 so you can imagine how fun it was for me. My husband hasn’t travelled as much as I have yet, so he has never been.

Ahh┬áSin City. Now, I posted earlier about how I google everything…you bet that my browser history is FULL of websites about Vegas. Where to stay, what to do (gamble!), where to eat, tips for first time visitors…you get the idea. I haven’t picked a hotel yet, I won’t until I make sure that we actually get paid this week (re: Government Shutdown post). But I am thinking about the MGM Grand, the NY NY, or the Monte Carlo. I can get flights and hotel for 3 nights for around $900. Any ideas, comments, or opinions would be much appreciated. We will be trying to fit the most fun and grownup excitement into 3 days. And preferably without any “Hangover” style mishaps. The tickets get purchased next week!

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