Hey! Mrs. Doc Brady!

This is what my husband’s marines call me. A little background info on a “field corpsmen”…My husband Joe is a field corpsmen, meaning he is trained to work with the marines. The Marine Corps doesn’t have their own medical so they use the Navy’s. When you see pictures of marines in Afghanistan or Iraq, there is ALWAYS a corpsmen with them in the platoon. Since there is one corpsmen to maybe sixty or so marines, they get the honorary title of “Doc”. I know about 27 thousand “doc’s” since all of my husband’s corpsman friends are also called doc. Get a few in the same room and you start to get confused. 

Anywho, these marines are all younger than my husband and I, so most of them are super polite military style. “Yes ma’am, no ma’am, thank you ma’am.” You get the picture. I adore the politeness from a military man. Too bad my husband doesn’t have more of it 😉 It would seem that a few of the marines get nervous when they are talking to me. I have told them repeatedly that they are allowed to call me Sam but they won’t. As I was trying to assure a marine that this wouldn’t be a breach of military conduct, he nervously blurted out, “Yes ma’am Mrs. Doc Brady, ma’am!”

I was surprised into silence (something that doesn’t happen too often, let me tell you). My husband started laughing, and the marine looked like he didn’t know whether to laugh with him or run out of my front door. He opted for a stoic smile…

And yes, my last name is Brady. Let’s all get it out of our systems now… “There’s a story of a lovely ladddyy, who was bringing up three very loveelllly girls!” I do not claim this last name by birth, only by marriage. My maiden name was a nice, no jokes name. Oh well. You love the man, you love the name.

So at our house we are often referred to as “Doc and Mrs. Doc Brady.” Pretty classy for a couple of people who haven’t finished college yet and don’t plan on ever holding a Ph.D in anything don’t you think?


A Foray Into Blogging…

Ok, who hasn’t googled some random question and had a bunch of blog posts pop up? I know I have. I am a google freak. Any question I have gets googled. My husband calls me the queen of google. I digress…My thoughts this morning were, “Why can’t I have a blog that comes up in a google search to quench some thirsty web questor?” Well, why not? Et voila, I am now a blogger. True I have no followers, no facebook likes or visitors to my blog, but I have taken the first step.

I love to read. When I say that I love it, I mean I LOVE IT. I will read anything: the back of cereal boxes, those dumb advertisements that come with my daily bills, the dictionary…you get the picture. When I was younger I wanted to write a novel. I dreamed of being the next J.K. Rowling or Judy Blume (to my younger readers; she was a pioneer in teen girl novels). I soon realized that I am a total procrastinator. I would write 3 chapters, be covered in ink and in love with my characters, and then all of a sudden lose interest. I must have a dozen unfinished novels laying around in my moving boxes.

Blogging seems like it could be a way for me to jot down snippets of writing, to express myself, without having to commit to writing hundreds of pages of flowing story. Eh, maybe someday I will get around to it.

My life around here can get pretty boring. No joke. I go to school online, so when I am not procrastinating with my schoolwork, or googling some inane question, I am attempting to become a teacher. Preferably I want to teach history, although my degree is in Interdisciplinary Studies K-8 grade. I figure it will give me more options when I actually begin to teach. When I am not studying, I am taking care of my two boys. Scratch that, I am taking care of them while I study. Those boys go, go, go 24/7. Since my husband works extremely long hours, and often is gone weeks or months at a time, I get most of my conversation from my kids, or from Facebook. Sometimes I mix up the two and when my oldest, Scott, comes home from preschool with a project, I go to press the “Like” button. Yep, I admitted it. Go blogging!

So be warned that this blog may be full of mommy stories (sorry, but if you are a mom you get it), funny stories about drama on Facebook, or recaps of catty mom moments at the elementary school bus loop (there are a bunch of those). Try and meander over to my “About Me!” section (if you don’t aleady know me) to get a sort of back story. But don’t worry, like all good authors, I will make sure nobody gets lost when they read my posts 🙂

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